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Perseverancia arraigada en Tradición, Samuel Lind Retumba en Puerto Rico!

Samuel Lind – Artista Plástico

Estudio de Arte Samuel Lind
Carr. # 187 km. 6.6 interior Medianía Alta

Loiza, Puerto Rico. 00772
Tel: 787-876-1494 (mayo 21, 2017)

Estamos claros en que tu presencia en el pueblo puertorriqueño es útil y necesario.
La superación de la identidad, espiritualidad y la experiencia vivencial tiene un gran valuarte en tu arte.

Gracias Samuel Lind.

Foto de la escultura Levación de Samuel Lind

Estudio de Arte Samuel Lind
Carr. # 187 km. 6.6 interior | Mediania Alta, Loíza 00772, Puerto Rico
Tel: 787-876-1494 as of 20151029

A strong artist committed to ancestral cultural values

Samuel Lind was raised in Loíza, Puerto Rico which has been his lifelong home. His aptitude for art was identified at an early age by one of his teachers and she provided him with materials in order to motivate him to develop his talent.

He studied at the Fine Arts University in San Juan during the seventies and was fortunate enough to be the pupil of several great artists of our country such as Augusto MarÌn, Lorenz Omar and JosÈ Alicea. At the beginning of his career, his works were very identified with our Puerto Rican cultural traditions, especially his beloved town of LoÌza which and he captured spontaneous scenes with serigraph printing. Lind has always felt enriched by the beauty of our natural surroundings. His universal message calls us to pause and reflect on the changes that are happening in our world.

Lind has always used diverse media and techniques to capture cultural scenes and tropical beauty. Having been raised in a coastal town where the majorityís livelihood was based on fishing, coconut, traditional food sales and agriculture with the passing of time he has continued to colorfully portray natural scenes and simple lifestyles. His vision awakens a more profound connection with nature.

A multifaceted artist from Loiza, Puerto Rico. We went out for typical local food, drink coconut water and got onto details on his work, the way he thinks.
In this video, we are in front of Samuel’s studio, right after eating at El Buren de Lula.
 Bailey Negroide  —- DIANA TORRES VIDAL de Adjuntas, Puerto Rico 1955 - 1967 —- Get to know this lady, a Cacique named Yuiza.
TAC audio in YouTube 20150529

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